EHS Policy


PBS is committed to delivering environmental, health and safety processes that proactively manage the environment and protect the safety and wellbeing of all employees, contractors and members of the community across all PBS controlled workplaces.

The Policy is reviewed annually and updated to ensure that it captures any lessons learned during daily operational activities and complies with current legislation, Codes of Practice and Standards. The Policy is displayed at all PBS workplaces in a prominent location and is communicated to all PBS personnel via induction programs.


The documented EHS system is implemented & maintained by all PBS employees who support the PBS Subcontractors in fulfilling and maintaining their obligations to the EHS processes. PBS employees together with its contractors promote a culture that ensures everyone is constantly looking out for each other at all times.


PBS’s objectives for the Policy are to:

  1. Maintain compliance with applicable EHS statutory requirements as a minimum standard;
  2. Commit to a continual improvement & learning process;
  3. Provide a safe place of work for all PBS employees, contractors, and members of the public during the course of all Company controlled activities;
  4. Deliver innovative ecologically sustainable environmental solutions and prevent pollution;
  5. Deliver and maintain a documented system that manages all aspects of PBS’s operations in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 45001:2018 (Expiry 31 March 2024), AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 (Expiry 31 March 2024) and Australian Government Occupational Health & Safety accreditation Scheme;
  6. Establish measurable targets to effectively monitor outcomes; and
  7. Undertake a consultative and collaborative approach to all EHS issues.

Key Action

The actions associated with achieving the above objectives include:

  1. Document and implement an Environmental Health & Safety Plan for each PBS controlled workplace;
  2. Provide adequate resources to effectively communicate and manage contractor adherence to documented EHS requirements;
  3. Provide EHS training and guidance to all PBS personnel and its sub-contractors;
  4. Implement controls to effectively manage any negative environmental aspects or impacts associated with PBS projects;
  5. Scheduled Safety Leadership Team (SLT) reviews of EHS objectives and targets at Project and Business Division levels; and
  6. PBS management to engage in a consultative and collaborative approach towards EHS.