Project Details

Key project facts

  • Value: $23.5m
  • Structure: Framed post tensioned
  • Facade: Exposed concrete blades and columns with curtain wall & aluminium cladding


Although not able to be considered ‘A’ Grade due to its size and other fixed parameters, the building has been designed to achieve ‘A’ Grade performance where possible, including services performance and vertical transport requirements.

The project has been designed to achieve a 4 star Greenstar and 4.5 star ABGR rating.

The project features an air cooled VAV Mechanical system, high performance glazing, high flyash concrete, low VOC carpet sealants and paints along with passive initiatives such as substantial bike parking and employee amenities.

The initial design concept was to make the building structure visible and as such the façade includes exposed concrete blades and columns along with curtain wall and aluminium cladding.

The structure is a framed post-tensioned building and the services will drive the achievement of the 4.5 Star ABGR and 4 star Greenstar rating.