Project Details

Key project facts

  • Client: Defence Housing Australia
  • Value: $3m
  • Structure: Slab on ground, timber frame
  • Facade: Masonry and FC cladding


Nestled between a kindergarten and Latham Park, the affordable housing was built at an exceptional level which pleased all involved.

The duplexes consisted of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and all inclusions that are expected of a select-rated Defence Housing Australia (DHA) house aligned to fit the prospective market of Randwick and South Coogee. The project was given a Green Initiative budget as part of the contract with DHA. This allowed us to install or change fittings to make the properties more environmentally friendly. We used the budget to switch all the lights to LED lights which required significantly less energy. We also worked together with CSR Bradford to develop a solar panel monitoring system in each property that allows the tenants to monitor in real time how much solar power they’re using throughout the day. This information is also available to DHA meaning they can suggest to tenants ways of reducing their energy costs. DHA Randwick was the first project to implement this system and DHA is now looking to implement this system on future developments.